95 pips a day I

Esta estrategia é baseada apenas no acaso.

Você abre 6 ordens, três de compra e três de venda com diferentes preços e limites de lucro.

Olhem o link do post onde eu achei esta estrategia:


Neste link aih em cima tem o download do EA para esta estrategia.
ATENCAO: Existe um EA para cada BROKER.

Explicaçao do EA em ingles. Quem tiver dificuldade é soh postar um comentario perguntando e eu traduzo.


1.) At 5pm EST open the 1hr chart (2hrs b4 start of the Asian session) of USDJPY. ( In an attempt to pre-empt questions about how this strategy works on other pairs, I will post results comparing GBPUSD, GBPJPY, EURJPY, and EURUSD. You're welcome to add to the list.)

For those who need help with converting timezones go to:
For those whose brokers spreads are still wide at 5pm EST on Sunday (which is 7am my time on a Monday here in Brisbane), in order to avoid the wide spreads you may need to wait until they reduce to normal before placing the orders for the day. I typically have to wait until around 8pm EST for Oanda's spreads to reduce back to normal.

2.) Use the high and low of the previous 17hrs. For Mondays orders go back as far as 00:00 EST on Friday for high and low.

3.) Open a total of 6 PENDING orders (for each pair) including 3 BUY STOPS and 3 SELL STOPS that expire within 24hrs (I use 18hrs) as follows:
Buy/Long Orders:
i. #1 - Entry = HIGH+5pips, Take Profit=15pips, S/L=30pips
ii. #2 - Entry = HIGH+5pips, Take Profit=30pips, S/L=30pips
iii. #3 - Entry = HIGH+5pips, Take Profit=50pips, S/L=30pips
Sell/Short Orders:
i. #1 - Entry = LOW-5pips, Take Profit=15pips, S/L=30pips
ii. #2 - Entry = LOW-5pips, Take Profit=30pips, S/L=30pips
iii. #3 - Entry = LOW-5pips, Take Profit=50pips, S/L=30pips

There can be 4 possible outcomes after either the long or short trades are triggered:

1.) All 3 profit targets are reached for a total of +95pips.

2.) The first 2 profit targets are reached (+45pips) and the remaining lot is stopped out (-30pips) leaving a total of +15pips.

3.) The first profit target is reached (+15pips) and the two remaining lots are stopped out for a total of -45pips.

4.) All 3 lots are stopped out for a total of -90pips.Additional to this is the variable outcomes of when both the long and short trades are triggered.Also note that for those so inclined to monitor the trades, stop levels may be adjusted on remaining lot/s to protect already achieved profits. Trailing stops may also be used at your discretion. These features are included in the EA.

ATENCAO: Nao arrisque mais do que 3% do seu capital por dia. Isto quer dizer que cada ordem deve arriscar apenas 0.5% de seu capital cada (3% : 6 ordens). Se cada ordem tiver como stop loss 3% do seu capital, você estara arriscando 18% ( 3% x 6 ordens).

Vou testar em conta demo da interbankfx os seguintes pares:


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